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The jack itself takes its name from the nickname for Johna name that became synonymous with degrees of labor black bull 2 ton floor jack England in the 13thth centuries. When choosing the correct one for your needs, bear in mind that your jack won't be lifting the entire trailer or RV, but just the tongue. A tongue jack has a metal shaft that extends out from another, slightly thicker metal shaft as the internal gears turn.

How do you get this 8,lb. These seemingly superhuman abilities are american restoration slot machine to a phenomenon called hysterical strengthwhich would probably become a curse if its effects lasted more than a few precious minutes.

Thankfully, mankind has the ability to create complex tools capable of executing feats of incredible strength on our behalf. After a lot of oohs and aahs from the family, it's time to unhitch the RV so you can drive to work tomorrow without bringing your new toy along for the ride. Some models come with a remote control, which allows you to keep your fingers far away from any potentially dangerous areas.

John Of All Trades If you were fortunate enough to own a car in the early decades of the 20th century, you were equally unfortunate to be cursed by the intensity of its frequent maintenance. All they have to do is pop the jack under the car, plug it in, hit a button, and in a just a few moments they're at work swapping out the tire. Some of these electric scissor jacks just come with the jack itself, a plug, and a controller.

A scissor jack's source of mechanical motion is something called the jack screw, which is a long, threaded screw running parallel to the ground. It removes any and all physical strain on your part black bull 2 ton floor jack instead requires you to simply push a button or flip a switch to raise or lower the tongue of your trailer. Tongue weight is generally between 9 and 15 percent of the total trailer weight.

Bycar jacks for consumers flooded the market, allowing for roadside maintenance of tires and other vital components of the vehicle. Even starting up those old kickers by hand-crank would have been enough to get me walking instead. What's more, the electric jack takes its power from your car's cigarette lighter or AC port, so you can keep one in your trunk for emergencies and use it anywhere you need.

Nearly every electrically powered unit will also come with an emergency crank to be used for manual operation in case the motor fails or you don't have any source of power on hand. Others will buckle under the weight of a truck or even a classic car. Other folks might bear down and jack up the car, no matter how painful the process, how many blisters cropped up on their hands, or how much guff they'd have to deal with for barely being able to get the job done.

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The amount of leverage distributed across the arms, the screw, and the bars that fit into the screw head is enough to make the car raise up on the jack with relative ease. An electric jack performs the same motion as described above, but instead of you slaving away over the bars connected to the jack screw, a small motor turns it for you in either the up or down direction, depending on which button you push.

While it may be easy enough to lift the tongue of a small trailer, say one carrying a wave runner or two, it becomes an entirely different story when one is confronted with a trailer carrying a foot cuddy cabin boat or a towable RV. One of the two types of jacks on our list are known as scissor jacks because of the shape and function of the jack arms.

It is not uncommon for one to find themselves in a scenario much like the following: Standard scissor jacks that come with cars aren't capable of lifting a trailer tongue high enough to be hitched onto, or unhitched from, a car.

Then there's this subset of human beings smart enough to invest in an electric car jack. This is where the other subset of electric jacks on our list, known as tongue jacks, comes into play. We can guarantee that you aren't going to be lifting it off like the Hulk. There are scissor jacks on our list, for example, that are only meant for vehicles built on a truck framewhich includes a majority of larger SUVs.


With a manual tongue jack, the turning of the gears is accomplished via the use of a manual crank. Famous examples of the latter case exist in which people have lifted two-ton cars off their crushed loved ones, saving their lives with scarcely a memory of the deed.

These are designed to be used with trailers to make hitching and unhitching them from a vehicle easier and less labor-intensive. As with any piece of lifting or supporting machinery, it is always best to err on the side of caution and buy a unit that is over-powered rather than underpowered.

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Still, the specifics of your situation and your level of expertise and safety concern will determine which jack you ought to get for yourself, as will the weight of your vehicle. Other features to consider are more of a convenience rather than a necessity.

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The average electric tongue jack will have somewhere between a 3, and 5, lb. Picking a unit that is water-resistant can be beneficial, as can choosing one that has built-in LEDs to illuminate the hitch area at nighttime. The guy at the dealership hooks it up to your truck and off you drive to bring it home and show it off to the family who is, of course, suitably impressed with your fantastic purchase.

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It's hotter than a griddle-top, so humid you could drown just breathing the air, and all you've got to lift your over-laden minivan is a small, hand-cranked scissor jack. From then on, any mechanical lift designed to apply force from beneath the item lifted carried the name jack, and the term was well in place by the age of the automobile.

Some people would just get out of the car and start walking — not to get help, just to get away, maybe abandon the family forever there on the side of the road, walking off into the woods to see what happens.