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It is important that you don't stand any of the squares he is able to walk on, as he will get stuck and will despawn after 5 minutes of stationary activity.

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Also, another way that doesn't require food or money is to thieve guards in Ardougne. They are good experience, but you should stick with warriors if you're a skiller or have low levels.

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It takes approximately games to get from 91 to 99 in Pyramid Plunder. It is recommended to start doing Pyramid Plunder from level 91 as it is the fastest Thieving experience in the game at this level, yielding aroundexp per hour, with up toexp per hour at higher concentrations.

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You could also attempt to knock out the victim again to avoid the stunning caused by failing to pickpocket. There is also a general store you can use to unnote food that you brought, which is the quickest option for obtaining food.

Her house is located just one house north of where the Banknote Exchange Merchant stands next to the stall and star casino rooftop bar a big multicoloured star cloth on the western wall.

During the period when your head bows down as with the burying bones animationclick loot again, which will result in an immediate second experience reward before the head is lifted from the first loot. You can also complete the Fight Arena and it will level you to level 14 upon completion.

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Both the cake stalls and tea stall give 16 xp each, however stealing from the tea stall is more efficient, as it offers much higher rates due to the lack of guards to stop the player and because the shopkeeper will never move from his spot to interfere.

From level 55 to 65, blackjack Pollnivnian bandits.

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It is better to try and knock them out again, as failing a pickpocket will result in you not being able to attempt a knock out for a few moments. You can always steal from the bakery stall for food when needed. Exchanging noted items will cost 5 gp per item.

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Or you can simply use the magic carpet to return to a bank and withdraw food. It is possible to achieve around 50, - 80, experience per hour depending on your Thieving level and clicking speed.

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Players can also bring a stack of law runes and a staff giving unlimited water runes instead of food to make the process more simple. This test run was done in optimal circumstances and with very high concentration.

An alternative method is to bring a splashing account and lure a knight to a spot where the splasher is able to safespot the knight, such as in the south-eastern bank of Ardougne where it is possible to use the fences as blockades.

Go whats blackjack 21 + 3 in the doorway of that building so that the knight is standing south next to you. Food can be fished in Rellekka and cooked on one of the many fires, making banking unnecessary. Run two squares west so the knight should slot face galaxies east of you.

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