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BCA continued here Tony Griffiths. All Games are Free. Whether you choose to compete or play for fun, you'll be treated like number one.

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In addition this example was fitted with a very neat light unit, from the navigator's table in a Liberator bomber - but that's another story… Unfortunately the Ultra drive system was not further developed - indeed, later bca slots of the machine, built by both B.

Optical Jig Borera much larger but still relatively smallfloor-standing machine that must have been made, judging by the few encountered today, in very limited numbers. Jones, where it appeared first with "Sigma-Jones", then Excel and finally B. The feed screws were ground from hardened stock and ran though bronze nuts with the simplest form of backlash compensation - a slot cut through the nut with a screw to nip up the clearance.

Whilst the outside T slots ran the full length of the table that in the centre was split into two inch lengths socketed at each end that left a robust solid section in the middle.

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The specification was almost identical to that of the Mk. Although all early examples of the machine appeared superficially identical, various improvements were made as UK production got underway, with some machines having 6-inches of clearance beneath the spindle nose and others 7; speeds also varied with those on the "Ultra", for example, becoming to r.

The number of slots in the 8-inch rotaty table was increased to four and, by using a 2-speed 3-phase motor, 11 spindle speeds were available spanning to rpm, a significant improvement on the limited and comparatively slow ranges available previously.


The slideway clearance was set by a tapered gib-strip with adjusters at both ends and the vertical adjustable stop was fitted with a dial indicator to ensure absolute accuracy. Although these were smaller machines than later versions - the table was only 6-inches mm in diameter, the hole through the spindle 0.

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Of significantly more massive construction, with a much deeper and wider main column, this version was arranged to carry the head higher and so give both an extra 2 inches of clearance between spindle nose and table and a vertical travel of a little over 6 inches.

The feed screw, in hardened steel, ran though a long bronze nut slotted vertically halfway along its length but without an adjustment screw ; play in slide was adjusted out by either an ordinary "push-screw" gib strip or a thick, bca slots gib block that, like the slideways, was hand scraped to a perfect flatness.

A full range of accessories was available including: This was a smaller machine than the later models with a 6-inch mm rotary table, a 0. Want to win those top money prizes? However, probably the most significant improvement was to the head where, instead of being limited to degrees of inclination each side of vertical, an increase was made to a more useful degrees - with precise location back to zero assured by the use of a ground dowel pin.

To be blunt, the drive is a thorough nuisance - though on one example, an "Ultra" owned by the writer, a simple yet ingenious solution had been found - the motor was fixed to a plate carried, near its top edge, on a short bar that fitted into a hole on the back of the column; this arrangement allowed the motor to be swung in sympathy with the head and the belts to run almost in line, no matter how far over the head was inclined.

Typical use of a boring-head on the B.

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Although the head carried an engraved ruler scale extending to 5 inches, only 4. Machines build during the s had a 3 h.

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And pulling these levers is a real pleasure, with realistic sounds and smooth state of the art graphics at your fingertips. Simply play in your browser and enjoy these free slots at the click of a button. It is bca slots relatively easy job to remove this, and reposition the motor, if higher revolutions are needed. The drive system was also modified and, instead of a tensioning weight within the column, an extra pair of jockey pulleys was used, mounted on a swinging bracket pivoting on a bar socketed into the left-hand side of the column.

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By now well established, the design of the jig borer passed to B. Welcome to Free Slots Land! Above, and in the photograph immediately below, the original version of the machine type as produced from the late s to the late s in various forms by the German Wolf-Jahn Company.

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Playing free slots has never been so much fun. These versions were sold badged first as "Ultra" and "Excel" and then, later, as "B. Serrated ring nuts, that drew the bearings down into their seats, were used for adjustment; however, to limit the extent to which they could be closed, each had a thin bronze insert that could be thinned if necessary slipped into their "compression slot".

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Home of the Best Free Online Slots You've arrived to the premier destination for popular free online slot games. No need to download or install software. This model, the WJA, not only had a screw feed to the head, but a lever feed as well.

Appearing to have a slightly heavier overall built than the Leinen, the G. Boleyan entirely separate company. The "wheel", cut into the periphery of the rotary table was also fitted with a neat sheet-steel cover - a feature lacking on the equivalent Leinen model BCA Precision Milling and Jig Driller Machine Mk.

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Today, however, a small 3-phase motor under the control of a phase inverter would be the way to go. Free Slots Land's Selection of Slot Games The selection of online casino slot games has expanded with each passing year, with new casino style slots being added.

The head castings were heavier, with slightly wider slides though the spindle and bearings remained unaltered while on most machines both a direct-acting screw and a side-mounted handwheel were fitted, the latter driving at degrees through worm-and-wheel gearing to give an extra-fine feed.


The drive then passed round a pair of pulleys carried on an adjustable spring-loaded arm mounted on a bracket formed as part of the head casting. This particular set-up gave, in conjunction with a variable-speed controller and the 3-step pulley using a modern poly-cord belta speed range that ran from to over harrahs new orleans craps rules. The upper and lower adjustment rings for the top bearing the smaller of the twowere each extended to hold a large self-aligning SKF ball race designed to absorb the considerable spindle end thrust experienced during boring operations in harder materials.

An improved drive system, used on a friend's machine, was to remove the jockey pulleys and use their mounting bracket to hold one of the small but powerful DC Winchester disc drive motors used in old main-frame computers. More details can be found here.