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The entire one-piece dispenser may be manufactured in one step using an injection molded thermoplastic. Dispensers of this type are not practical for prepackaging small numbers of blades. Each of the resilient arms 20 is preferably integral with the dispenser 2 structure. If desired, the resilient lip 18 may be replaced by a spring loaded check to keep the loose blades from falling out of the dispenser 2.

Might be better off in the walls.

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When a blade is to be used, the package is opened and the blade removed. Accordingly, it is an object of the present invention to provide a razor blade dispenser which may be inexpensively manufactured and thus serve as a cost-effective replacement for conventional cardboard packaging for razor blades.

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Obviously, the shape of the cavity may be changed for dispensing non-rectangular blades. The apparatus according to claim 1 wherein the second end wall comprises a finger cutout for facilitating the use of a finger for guiding the razor blades through the dispensing slot. To protect the consumer, each blade in the cardboard box is wrapped in an individual paper shell.

If it does, and you plan to remodel, be careful tearing out the wall adjacent to the cabinet.


My house was built in the mid's so no slot Field of the Invention The present invention relates to razor blade holders and dispensers and more particularly to a razor blade holder and dispenser which includes a resilient cantilever for positioning the blades in alignment with a dispensing slot and which may be molded as a one-piece dispenser.

The dispenser 2 is similar to the previous embodiment in that it includes sidewall 6, end wall 8 having a finger sliding channel, and rails 14 for guiding the razors 4 being dispensed from the dispenser 2. Step 4 Insert your used razor blades into the slot on top of the can. Medical supply stores and some pharmacies sell clearly labeled sharps containers that you can take to a biohazard recycling facility when they are full, but you can also make your own inexpensive containers.

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When you drop blades through this slot, they fall between the walls. I really like yours in the cabinet, but I don't have a cabinet. The ends of resilient arms 20 are preferably radiused or curved to provide a larger surface area for the contact point between the resilient arms 20 and blades 4. The resilient arms 20, and the entire dispenser structure, are preferably made of an acetal resin or any hard resilient thermoplastic.

I stop in the store this afternoon and they had three cabinets with the slots. When that blade is to be disposed of, it is inserted through disposal slot 34 which is aligned with the radiused portion of the resilient arm The open top of the dispenser includes rails along the tops of the sidewalls for guiding the blades out of the housing.

Claims 8 I claim: For now, it's a blade blade disposal slot that when full gets taped up and tossed in the trash. An apparatus for storing a plurality of razor blades and for dispensing the razor blades, the apparatus comprising: That's some old school badassery right there. She has a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing. Each of the arms 20 provides sufficient resilience whereby the dispenser 2 may be pre-loaded with a number blade disposal slot razor blades sufficient to fill dispenser, preferably five, and the arms 20 will retain sufficient upward force to press the blades 4 against rails 14 as each blade is removed.

Throwing used blades in the trash can also be hazardous to pets and sanitation workers.

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A disposal slot is vertically aligned with the radiused end of the resilient arm for enabling disposal of used razor blades. Other types of five and ten-pack dispensers are made of two-piece plastic boxes with a separate metal leaf spring. The resilient arms may be oriented in the same direction or opposite directions.

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