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Cindy Liu presents a scheme based on tricks for slot machines at casinos a point value to the dealt hands and those produced by switching. Note that the simple strategy would incorrectly advise the player to not switch. I also have a printer friendly version PDF of both switching strategies, as well as the basic strategy.

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Gamblers who find the basic strategy of conventional blackjack too complicated to memorize may take relief in the simplicity of Free Bet Blackjack. When all players have been consulted, the dealer plays out his hand according to blackjack-style drawing rules, with the difference that a dealer hand of 22 is not a bust but a push a tie against any surviving player hand; the only exception is a player blackjack which has not been obtained by switching or splitting.

As usual, the dealer will check for a blackjack; if he has one, all player bets immediately lose except for blackjacks, which push.

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Which pair of hands is better? The hands are then scored as in regular blackjack, with a couple of notable changes.

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First, the player will only win even money on all wins, including natural blackjacks. I assume it is because there is more free-splitting with more decks, due to a lesser effect of non-replacement.

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At the end of the hand: So the odds favor switching to and soft At the beginning of each hand, the player is required to make two bets of equal size, each of which will be associated with one of two hands. Let's look at an example. House Edge Under the standard Las Vegas rules, with six decks, the dealer hits a soft 17, and a switched blackjack counts as 21 points, the house edge is 0.

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It results in an error once every Late surrender allowed DG: Arnold Snyder presents a protocol for switching decisions based on four categories of hand, "winner", "push", "loser" and "chance" [3] which he claims reduces the house edge to 0.

Dealer pushes on In the case of a tie, use the the simple strategy.

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For the alternative, is worth 1 and the soft 15 is worth 1, also for a total of 2. Each playing position has two betting boxes, rather than one, and the initial wagers these two boxes must be identical.

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House Edge The house edge under the standard rules above is 1. The player's original wager is placed with the first hand and a "free bet" button is placed with the second hand. Otherwise, if the player wins, the player gets back his original wager plus winnings equal to double that wager.

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The correct switching choice depends on the dealer card in a significant minority of cases. Follow are the effects on the house edge of some rule variations: The ones with a Wiz were calculated by me. This modification led to the game being installed in Four Queens in December Rule Variants Following are the effects of some possible rule variants.

For example, if the player is dealt andthen the player may switch to transform the two hands into and For winning hands, each "free bet" button is replaced with real chips equaling the original wager. A semicircular card table with a similar layout to blackjack is used.

The calculator is based on the Playtech rules and an infinite deck assumption. The game opened for business on June 20, at the Golden Nugget. The following table shows the paytable, probability, and return of each hand: To use it, add up the points for each hand for both ways to play them, and play the one with the greater number of points. On hands resulting in a player loss or push, the dealer takes back the "free bet" button.

Regular doubles are still allowed on all other two-card hands.

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Besides that, I highly recommend the book for breaking new ground in blackjack, which is not easy to do any more. Dealer stands on soft 17 DG: Hall then developed this idea and exhibited the game at the G2E conference in Las Vegas in October However, if you make a mistake while switching, games will typically give you the option to freely switch back and forth as much as you want until you are satisfied with your decision.

The game is based on standard blackjack, with the following rules: As in blackjack, a player hand which exceeds 21 is "bust"; its cards are removed and its backing wager acquired by the house.