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Spell slot levels are limited to the character's current modified and base casting ability minus The game mechanics do not change, and epic spells do not occupy any privileged position allowing them to resist being dispelled other than their presumably high caster level.

Only major artifacts, which are beyond the means of even epic characters to create, can possibly contain magic of this power.

Acquiring Epic Spells

This is particularly noticeable when a caster has both items that grant bonus spell slots and items that grant a bonus to a casting ability. Each epic spell must be laboriously developed before it can be used. Benefit When the character selects this feathe or she gains one spell slot per day of any level up to one level higher than the highest-level spell the character can already cast in a particular class.

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There are two additional entries for epic spells: Metamagic, Items, and Epic Spells Metamagic feats and other epic feats that manipulate normal spells cannot be used with epic spells. A character gets one epic spell slot for every 10 ranks he or she has in the relevant Knowledge skill.

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Those higher slots can be awarded by an item though, which could allow metamagic to be applied to the quasi-casters' highest level spells. Epic Spell Slots A character must have an available epic spell slot to prepare or cast an epic spell, just as he or she needs a normal spell slot for a nonepic spell.

Characters who cast spells spontaneously, such as sorcererscan cast a developed epic spell by using any open epic spell slot.

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Dispelling, Epic Spells, and Antimagic Field A lucky nonepic spellcaster casting greater dispel magic might be able to dispel an epic spell. It is during development that a caster determines whether a given epic spell lies within his or her abilities or beyond them.

Special A character can gain this feat multiple times.

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If the caster fails the check, the epic spell fizzles and the epic spell slot is used for the day. Spell Slots Above 9th Level The Improved Spell Capacity feat allows characters to gain spell slots above 9th level which can be used to hold lower-level spells or spells whose level has been increased beyond 9th by the use of metamagic feats.

What Are Epic Spells?

Spellcraft DC and To Develop. Every spell-casting class technically has spell slots for levels 0 through 9, even though the quasi-casters bardspaladinsand rangers are never given the upper level spell slots on the basis of class level. If the character expends the resources, he or she develops the spell if he or she has access to all the seeds.