Odds of losing 7 straight blackjack hands

Odds of losing 7 straight blackjack hands,

The guy who fears to spread enough. This guy played big money, was known to them and had no idea of basic strategy at all. Coast thought you were a counter from earlier on that session or previous trips. I'll bet you thought it was the deuce. You still should be betting the proper amount based on your count and bankroll. BTW, if a dealer is sloppy enough to expose his hole card, how is it cheating for me to use that information?

Did you have big bets or small bets on most of the 20 hands in a row you lost.

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When I bet small I expect to lose on most hands and when I bet big I expect to win on the most hands when playing blackjack! The cards do not remember if you lost 4,10 or in a row! Quickly you will learn that even playing at an edge the casino is not your personal ATM machine, but will you survive it as a lifetime winning counter?

But once you've gotten down to where you've already lost the first five, you're almost even money.

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Play enough and these streaks unfortunately will happen and they will damage your bankroll, at least temporarily. That term, "bust card" is a misnomer. A smart casino would be celebrating right along with you. I haven't played enough to be chased out of every casino known. So obviously you are a cardcounter and we will ask you to leave. Like a previous post said, make sure your playing at your best, dont get steamed.

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If the dealers are trained properly, and they use their training, hole-carding is impossible. Maybe the floor person is just stupid and does not understand the game very well. Understand that not everytime the consecutive streak was on the same table. Just because you, the dealer is sloppy and your superiors have done a poor job in making sure you are properly trained, makes me a cheater? Or in many instances, people just quit, say counting does not work and use the period of negative variance as proof.

If you would like to use this article on your website, please contact Casino City Pressthe exclusive web syndication outlet for the Frank Scoblete Network. I have answered your questions, answer mine. The odds of losing 20 in row are much much rarer and I would start to question if i was cheated if I lost 20 in a row!

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I also liked this particular dealer as he had an excellent card memory. Pretty painful for the ploppy, but the dealer pulled it off pretty well and did it over and over. It doesnt faze me anymore, I know its part of the game. That's why you can never stand with any stiff against any Ace.

The 8 your neighbor got which busted him would have been yours and the 5 his neighbor drew would have That feeling that you mentioned that you get after losing several in a row. I've suffered through a very small number 3 of being told to leave and never come back.

How you handle these, especially the losing streaks that come in high counts, will determine much about your future in this game. The complete opposite approach: I sat down, and started winning.

They might have thought that you where some how cheating like you could see the dealers hole card or you where marking cards but might not have been able to prove it so they just asked you to leave.

Of course, not every ploppy error is bad for the rest of us, so it is a wash, but it was entertaining. A cardcounter would not have since the count did not warrant it. That's quite a bit less than the dealer, who unlike you must hit all her stiffs, bar none.

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And they are prime examples of "the peter principle" IMHO Years ago I was sitting at a green chip table at the Trop with one other player. He took a hit and caught a 3, then stopped to confer and lament with his partner. It is easy to just quit in a highly positive shoe or steam thinking you still have the edge, will get it back in one hand or two and overbet your already depleating bankroll.

My total play was just the hands I mentioned above, which included no losses at all. Actually, as you know, it is pathetically funny, that anyone in table game management would toss a flat better what you must have appeared to be who got lucky.

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Never thought paranoia would run that high. He was dealt another stiff, 13 against the dealer's 8 up.