Slots vray Support for 3D Artists

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And finally you can change the reference axis for even more control. There are, however, some special cases where other materials are better suited.

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It is the perfect tool for making compound materials. VRay offers 3 options: Using the Fog color makes telefono casino gran madrid torrelodones parts lighter and thicker parts darker.


Dispersion also increases the render time. First is the BRDF model. You can also use the built-in presets to quickly create some common materials, these are: There are some important properties of the material that can only be accessed through this section.

Color of the map is not taken into account and only the lightness value is used.

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The larger the Scale, the deeper light goes into the object. Use your own artistic eye to figure out how much dispersions you need. The default value is usually fine, but for scenes with large amount of refractions, you should increase it.

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Some real world examples are: These are Bump, Displace and Opacity. Look at the examples to see the difference. Phong has the sharpest highlights, Blinn is a bit more blurred and Ward is even softer.

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Smaller values makes the dispersions stronger, while larger numbers makes them more subtle. Here is a somewhat more complex example of a 4 slots vray blend.

Vray Scene Converter

The VRayBlendMtl works with a layer-like system. You can use the Fog multiplier value to adjust how strong is the tint.

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You can also change the angle manually to any value you need. Pure white value is used for the non-transparent parts of the material and pure black is for completely invisible parts of the material, everything in between is more or less half transparent.

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For example, if you need to create a black, shiny surface with blurred gold spots, it is way easier to create two materials and blend them together than hand painting all the different maps you would need to achieve this effect in a single VRayMtl. This example shows how changing the Anisotropy value changes the speculars.

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