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She began sending him videos of him in her lover's apartment. Warden Stiles also gives her a note with Satoshi Takeda 's number, saying that although she is giving her this information, she hopes she does not go down that path.

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Finally when he was about to begin his speech, his pregnant lover appeared and he retired. She has to deal with Amanda, who is getting way too comfortable in the Hamptons, so Emily pays her a visit but Amanda made tatuaz casino clear that she isn't going anywhere, during that encounter it was also decided that Emily was to be the godmother of Amanda's and Jack's child.

Realizing that he needed revenge just as much as she does, she convinced Takeda to take him in, threatening to leave if he didn't accept him.

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However she controlled herself at the last moment due to Nolan and the memories of her father. Emily at Memorial Day art auction runs into Daniel and Ashley To find out more about her mother she has to go back to the Hamptons, she needs to get close to the Graysons again to find out more info. They exchanged names and lives: At that point, all the hurt and anger built up in her came out and awakened the desire for revenge against those who betrayed her father.

Rise for Reputation Work in progress.

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One night around Thanksgiving ofon a mission to bring down Dmitri LvovskyEmily met Aiden Mathiswho ended up killing Dmitri after he taunted him about his vanished sister. This time to do so Emily gets more close to Charlotte, her half-sister, who has been living sober for the past 60 days at an addiction recovery center.

Nevertheless, she knew she could not get close enough to her goals as "Amanda Clarke".

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Under their abusive foster mother, Meredith HaywardAmanda and Eli became close foster siblings, protecting and sticking with each other. One fateful night, Amanda was about to play with her dog, Sammywhen FBI agents came busting into their house and arrested her father for money laundering for the terrorist organization Americon Initiative.

Finally Nolan told her that he was leaving after Frank scared him. Once back in the Hamptons, she also has to run back into both Daniel, whom she broke up with and Jack, now with pregnant Amanda. Neither apparently saw each other's faces clearly enough to get a lasting impression.

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Tatuaz casino knows her because her dad invested in him before he became super rich. However she has taken revenge on many of the Grayson's allies, including: Unbeknownst to her, one particular guest at the party recognized her: So far, it is said Emily bond with a Girl named Ava Winters, described as a 'beautiful young heiress', who has just joined her training school helping her focus on the movation of her revenge.

Emily manipulated virtually everyone in Hampton in her quest for revenge and only Nolan and the real Emily Thorne known in the Hamptons as Amanda Clarke currently knows her true identity.

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After waitressing for a New Year's Eve party of the Graysons at their mansion, she became more aware of the evils of the family and their involvement in tatuaz casino framing of her father when she finds the dead body of Roger Halsteda friend of her father's that she approached at the party who planned to aid her. Path to Revenge Upon being released on her eighteenth birthday, Nolan Rossa friend of her father's, met Amanda and tried to let her see the truth regarding her father's innocence.

There, she began reading her father's journals and began realizing the truth. Then when Conrad had an attack she appeared and asked Lydia if she could help. For most of her remembered childhood, she was led to believe her mother had died in when she was 5 years old and was raised by her father since. At night Nolan came telling her that he could help but she refused. At one point, Amanda was chosen by a family for adoption.

Before leaving, Amanda gave Emily a necklace, promising she'd be back for her.


Has to do with her school activities and charity work before going to the Hamptons. She also became close with Bill Harmona friend of her father. During her time there, Amanda developed the habit of playing with matches. During the mission, Emily had a brief encounter with Ashley Davenportwho at the time had just moved to New York and was about to resort to prostitution to pay the bills. So she disguised herself as a waitress and poisoned Conrad.

She told Nolan to send the video of it to the Graysons to take him down.

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But she saw Lydia and Conrad coming. She sees one last glimpse of the Grayson couple who had him arrested before they took her away from her father. The Hamptons is where their life began changing.

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While in training together Emily and Aiden developed a relationship that was interrupted when Aiden left to pursue a lead to his sister. Season 1 Emily begins her revenge In " Pilot ", Emily bought her father's old house in the Hamptons, then she met with the former owner Lydia Davis. Revenge School There still is a lot about Emily's years spent training under Takeda that remains unknown, but it is revealed during " Trust " that she created a fake history on top of her assumed identity of "Emily Thorne" which stated that she was the daughter of a wealthy American expatriot who left behind a sizable inheritance which she used to travel the world and get academic degrees.

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She pretended to befriend the Graysons but has not directly attempted to take revenge on the family so far, biding her time until she found the evidence she needed to clear her fathers name. Blamed for starting the fire, Amanda was sent to juvenile detention for five years.

Emily, Aiden and the dead Gordon Murphy She went to a double date with Tyler and Ashley where she left Tyler as a liar. While in Allenwood, Warden Stiles looked after and taught Amanda.