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Our online course speaks for itself. How to handle misdeals and what causes a misdeal. How long does the course take? With her help, we created Dealer Training Dealer-Training. You will train on professional felt and speedcloth cardroom tables, with real I know this course will teach you how to deal poker at a professional level because I see it again and again from the dealers within the Atlanta Poker Club.

Before our careers as internationally known professional poker players, we were professional poker dealers. No, no state in the U. If we have done our job training you, and you follow our course materials then you can easily obtain a job on your own. Poker Dealing is not only very profitable some dealers make as much as doctorsit offers a flexible work schedule.

Need to see something again, or brush up on your skills? And you do not have to live near a casino to make this kind of money dealing poker! Follow the professional poker dealer process to efficiently deal poker and you will make more money.

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A player doesn't tolerate incompetent dealers and neither does the APC. She showed us how to deal both tournaments and cash games with a focus on the most popular poker game, Texas Holdem. Very affordable tuition Online casino dealer school course options and schedules can accomodate everyone.

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Limit games go faster while no-limit games generally take a little longer per hand on average. Risk-Free Acceptance Form Yes! Call us for an orientation or to simply register.

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Here, let me break it down for you. If you are looking for a new career or a part time job to make great money, Poker Dealing is for you.

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And speaking of upgrades. Money in your pocket money, too. This program offers flexibility and convenience to become a Poker Dealer from your own home. Perfect form laid bare before your eyes. The exact process for a true random shuffle that is not only devastatingly efficient and effective, but most importantly, to actual casino standards. Plus, you are welcome to come to our school anytime for extra practice or help.

I know poker was hot when Chris Moneymaker won the World Series… but are people still playing cards today? We needed an inexpensive, yet thorough, dealer training solution and we needed it fast. How to shuffle the right way. Live tournament poker fields are having record entries, and poker leagues like the Atlanta Poker Club are springing up all around the country and growing in volume.

It now allows aspiring poker dealers from around the world to learn how to deal poker fast and easy, from the comfort of their home. It is based off of our wildly successful chain of Casino Schools which are located across the country.

We were shocked by how expensive the poker dealing schools are! Every city, town, suburb and neighborhood across the USA and growing around the world are running poker games every night of the week and the players crave professional dealers!

A no-brainer method to ensure that your side pots are awarded to the right person every time. People love to gamble, plain and simple. Please feel free to drop by one of our campuses and see for yourself.

Are you really poker dealer material? Bonus chapter on making extra money while you deal.

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An easy way to calculate the rake, and examples of casino rake schedules. Dealing texas holdem is a great part time job opportunity. The casino standard layout, and why it makes your job so much easier … Where to put side pots, and how to award them. If you are already a poker player and are looking for a way to supplement your bank roll then there is hardly any better time spent than that of the poker dealer.

You will be instructed by professionals with over years combined experience dealing and supervising in some of the top Casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Reno, Lake Tahoe, Arizona and Northern California.

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