Schecter blackjack atx 8 string review What's heavier than an amp that goes to 11? A guitar with eight stringsā€¦

Schecter blackjack atx 8 string review. Schecter C Electric | eBay

These active pickups have a very high output and are intended for the angriest of metal tones. Following these is the Omen-8, Schecter's most affordable eight-string yet. The neck position isn't particularly gratifying, either - where's that creamy mid-range 'wood'?

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Played acoustically, the Omen-8 exhibits a strong, defined tone with plenty of sustain. One of my favorite, if not my absolute favorite body wood has to be Swamp Ash.

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ArticlesReviewsSchecter Guitar ReviewsUncategorized In the past couple of years, Schecter has really stepped up their game and started offering really amazing guitars. It's hard to resist knocking out an avalanche of crushing mid-point riffage, always with the option to rev up that bulldozing low string or go racing up the fretboard to take the lead.

A few years ago, you pretty much needed to order a full-on custom guitar to get these! This article was written by Zac Buras, our editor located in Louisiana. Back in the '90s, heavyweight acts such as Morbid Angel, Korn and Meshuggah jumped in at the deep end south point craps odds Ibanez Universe seven-string guitars, shaking the Earth with an additional low B string.

Go check that out for other neat, modern appointments to guitars. The Omen-8 comes with a. The Blackouts, mixed with the Ebony Board and Swamp Ash body, make for really heavy tones without sacrificing clarity and attack in the low end. If it were my guitar I would probably upgrade those pretty much immediately and have a really solid guitar.

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The sleek black finish of the contoured basswood body gives it a serious air and the maple neck and fret rosewood fretboard are highly playable, with nicely finished jumbo frets. Pros Cons Disappointing mid-range tones. It looked like the finish might have been rushed around that part of the guitar.

Using a low F instead of a G facilitates playing typical powerchord shapes. We upload new articles daily so if you liked this one, make sure to check out some more!

Schecter C-8

In fact, it's a pleasure to play. The longer neck isn't really noticeable, and it's not as thick as you might fear.

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Compared to Schecter's pricier eight-strings, it's understandable that compromises have been made to bring this one in on budget. Shares Our Verdict When you consider the price and that this is quite a specialist item, its shortcomings are easily forgiven. Read more about that in our Ultimate Guide to Tonewoods.

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The guitar played really well, and the bridge and neck were quite comfortable to play. There was also some finish bubbling in the same area. The wide fingerboard could be a stumbling block, though.

The Omen-8 has clout where it counts, though, with great playability and a solid build. If you're aiming high, then you'll find that the chunky heel joint compromises access to the top few frets, but they'll suffice for tapping or a climactic bend. Subscribe and save today!

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When it comes to electronics, the massive passive humbuckers sound heavy, but the bridge pickup is slightly harsh and lacks the sophistication of an aftermarket pickup. With the distortion cranked, the naturally chunky tone comes through despite the less-refined pickups. Stay up to date with the latest gear and tuition. The guitar is definitely intended for metal. The concept evolved into the '00s, with Meshuggah switching to custom-built eight-string axes, and Ibanez offering off-the-shelf models in Bear in mind that the higher strings feel a little on the stiff side, so you might want to try lighter ones, and the eighth string could be a tad heavier to give it the solidity of the seventh.

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You may notice occasional high-pitched resonances from the strings vibrating behind the nut but that's quickly fixed with foam or tape.