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Formed from the violent rains and winds that pummel these areas year after year, slot canyons can be only a few feet deep to hundreds of feet deep, and from 30 yards long to as much as 21 miles long. Water not only is important in the summer months due to high temps, but the fall can zap your fluids, as well.

Always blow them off before applying any cleaning material to prevent scratching. There are many slots that do require technical gear to explore, but there are also many that don't and are quite beautiful.

Nontechnical slot canyons are those you can explore without the need for most gear, and are considered much easier and simpler to access.

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Direct noontime sunlight shining down into a slot canyon won't produce the desired "glow" that's often sought after with each shot. Michael Kelsey has written several books on the various slot canyons in the Colorado Plateau, including how to explore them and their locations.

Otherwise, the rest are straightforward and fairly simple. Learn about their tours and see more of their photography at www. Overnight in Kanab, Utah Day 5: Finally, after the preparation and the hike, you're here, inside the slot and ready for photography. For nontechnical slots, you can often follow a wider canyon upstream until it narrows into a slot.

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Slot canyon exploration in Utah usually requires no special permits, while most of northern Arizona is Navajo land and requires either slot 6 photography permit or a guide to enter. Sand and dirt are abrasive, so never use a terry cloth or an old T-shirt to clean your lenses and filters.

Reptiles and especially rattlesnakes are often encountered, so the need for a small first-aid kit is essential. Know your camera's limitations and set your ISO accordingly.

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We find that the DSLR's Live View feature helps tremendously, as any adjustment we make shows up in the viewfinder even before we take the photo. Be prepared and know the weather conditions, as rains as far as 50 miles away can come rushing down a slot canyon and will sweep away anything in its path.

We will have several alternative slot canyons or activities available if weather prohibits our entering a particular slot. A sturdy tripod is a necessity, and a remote is helpful in low light where longer exposures are necessary.

Your life may depend on it!

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It's important to be in tune with your DSLR's light meter, as well. Various high-protein snacks are useful while hiking, too. If you avoid changing lenses entirely, you can prevent a dirty sensor, but there's no way to keep dust off your lens or filter. There are many different features in a slot canyon that are worthy to photograph. As mentioned, always check the current weather conditions for the day of your trek into a slot canyon.

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Also, we've seen some photographers create HDR images in a slot canyon with as many as nine images composited into one shot. Meals and incidentals are on your own. It's from that moment on that you'll become inspired to look for the depth of colors and how they interact with the canyon walls and light from above. Never enter a slot canyon if rain is forecast in the area. Key Camera Gear To Bring We both carry a wide variety, but compact amount of equipment when exploring and photographing slot canyons.

A good cleaning kit is of utmost importance because your lens and sensor will get dirty in a slot canyon due to wind blowing dust and sand.

Moderation is key to using HDR. Marcharrive the day before and depart the day after Tour Status: The canyon walls will expose their colors readily once you've taken that first shot.

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We carry should gambling be legal or illegal handheld GPS to guide us to the canyon we're searching for, and it safely gets us back to our vehicle should it be dark upon our return. You'll find yourself constantly adjusting white balance, exposure, aperture and ISO throughout the canyon.

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Be Prepared By following a few simple safety and photography rules, you can make your adventures in slot canyons both rewarding and fun, and can come away with photographs that you'll treasure for a lifetime. Secret Canyon, Navajo land, near Page, Arizona. Taking your gear, including camera equipment and tripods, may be challenging in technical canyons. Pay attention to conditions, consult with guides and locals, and always pack your gear so you're prepared for each different adventure.

The most photogenic slot canyons are located in central and southern Utah, and northern Arizona.