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I was empty, now I'm fine, I see him come, he takes my hand, Guides me through the forest of the night. Mysterious man, you think you can choose, "What's done is done, well, is gone", Aren't your steps just words for a mirror? She's been talking for so long, In the mountains freezing cold, With the mirrors of the soul And her hands hold the ground Did she tell you old sweet tales?


Head up, boy, walk with pride: All The Cities I heard singing birds tonight shining near a widow Who lost her husband in the sea, sun will rise tomorrow! Oh you should've never left your peaceful soul behind! You left your home seeking the mystical flowers of the night Just hoping for them to come to you, But in the middle of the bright eyed skies only howl the nobodies.

Oh mysterious man, why do you feel blue? I'm having fun with my shaman. Mysterious Man Mysterious man, where do you go? Set me free, With your feathers, next to me, Sing the joy of the fields, Bring a quiet ecstasy Don't think now, watch it burn Track Name: In the bank by the river, So far the buildings and the Business King.

Trying to gain merciful grace, All you might say, would you buy it?

Twisted Levity (Heavy Metal​/​Hard Rock)

Feed the forest to your head, Drink the water of the plains 'Cause her trail you have found O, sweet mother! But you'll never go, you'll never go to sleep for a long time. Pale hills of chance where nothing's sure Childish fever grows in the town below, We came for the warmth, we leave for the gold, We find hard to stay, but you already know.

With the sun of the summer We're gonna grow the biggest christmas tree.

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Lick This Candy In the bank by the river, Ain't that the place that you would love to be? Don't you ever seek the bright and soft things? The moon looks bright with my shaman.

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Oh, you would finally sleep tonight! And when it barks, it roars like thunder Up in the skies, up in the The gold diggers are gone And leave this to me. Ghosts Shall I scare the boys? In The Mountains Cold Can you hear her high above?

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Breath deep in, hold the air, I'm waiting for my shaman. I've got a bulldog, weighs five hundred In my backyard, in my backyard. I Don't Care I don't care what you say about nothing, I don't care what you say See me down the hillside road, so small I am nothing, No one by my side when the sun sets, See me by the seashore with a fish in my hands, I have everything, On my way to meet my friends one last time, I don't care what you say about nothing I don't care what you say Ain't no voice can reach the road that I'm walking No poison in the snows of summer See me with my brothers by the fire we started yesterday Sip the wine and hold your tongue, stay quiet I don't care what you say about jack party casino slots I don't care what you say BONUS: Maybe nature keeps us left, didn't promise honey, Through the river I'm the same, I refuse to deny Let be!

I've slept for a long time.

Welcome To Gypsy Town

Did she beg you to stop and stay? Don't you ever sleep around the corners? All the cities rise some days with their books and motors, They don't know where is the way with no end or sorrow Let be!

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Oh, mysterious man, why are you crying? No Direction Home If there's no direction home There's no time to lose at all If there's no direction home We can drive all around Somewhere for my bones People say you love me I say you're my sun If there's no direction home There's no time to lose at all If there's no direction home Seek the flights never gone Track Name: And there it goes!

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Oh with your sweet hands, mama, You drag me out and push me to the edge, Keep it fast through the highway And don't look back, we're gonna get away. In the bank by the river, oh! Hair is dirty, hands are soft, Climbs the trees, looks like a god, He comes to me, brings my medicine, I hear him sing, he's my shaman And he sings: And if we lick this candy We're gonna have all the weirdest dreams.

I don't mind if you go through the moist noticing bones and shapes so warm.

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In the bank by the river, Ain't that the place that you would love to be? Now, let it go for me.