Using slot cutter bits Routing Basics - Part 6: Specialty Bits

Using slot cutter bits. Carbide Tip Slotting Cutters Router Bit Set 7 Pc

Part II - Business Basics

The matched cutters are a little more expensive but they provide accurate joints without the additional set-up time. These cutters are available in two, three and four wing versions.

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These bits consist of a cutter mounted on a shaft with or without a bearing on top. They are ideal when you need to cover a wide surface with wood paneling or siding.

T Slot Router Bits

The kerf left by the Adria dovetail saw adriatools. As with all tools, time spent setting up the cut and defining the range of motion for the router will reward you with accurate and precise results. Fine tuning this bit is a matter of setting the proper projection from the fence first and then dialing in the final height setting.

After cutting the first profile, the nut is removed and the cutters reassembled to cut the matching profile.

Slot Cutter Router Bits

The instruction sheet is also available on their website. To avoid having the piece shift as it passes the cutter, close up the sacrificial wooden fences so that there is no space around the cutter, effectively creating a zero clearance insert. The geometry of this bit also provides another advantage; as you tighten the clamps during the glue-up, the joint draws itself tightly together.

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Lock Mitre The lock mitre bit is the answer when you need to make a strong corner joint with plenty of glue surface. Drawer Lock A variation on the lock mitre bit is the drawer lock bit.

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It will save you both time and frustration. Buying the pieces separately allows you to purchase one bearing and one shaft and then a number of different slot cutter heads of various widths. When cutting sliding dovetails, the bit is completely buried in the wood and must work very hard to cut the groove to house the tail.

As the name implies, this bit is used to cut the corner joints for drawer boxes.

3 Wing Slot Cutter Router Bits

Each thickness of wood will require a different setting, once you have achieved a perfect fit, make a cut on an extra piece of wood, which you can save as a quick set-up guide. Joinery Bits Skill Builder: Using slot cutter bits bits can be used with a hand held router or table mounted.

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Dovetail bits can also be used to create sliding dovetails, for example to join a shelf to a cabinet side. The reversible sets are less expensive than a matched set but they can be tricky to set up for a perfect fit if any shims are needed.

Precision Twist Slot-Cutting Router Bits for Perfectly Sized Slots

The Jessem router fence has a very smooth and elegant cross slide but you can also make a cross slide from a simple piece of plywood cut square on the table saw and with a handle fastened to it. Some jigs use a guide bushing to control the path of the router while others use a bearing.