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Here are 3 alcohol games you and your friends will love: There are 16 numbered shot glasses and each player chooses or is assigned a number.

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First, the beginning player rolls the die and drinks the amount of shots corresponding with the number on the card. Variation 5 of Russian Roulette Drinking Game The first few steps are exactly the same as the previous Beer variation. Collect loyalty points and use them for discounts on future purchases.

Looking for fun new ways to get the drinks in? Move around the shot glasses cache creek slots make sure nobody knows which one has the booze.

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Fill one with clear alcohol and the remaining 5 with water. The emptied glasses must be refilled. The rules of the game are very simple: Suitable for anyone legally allowed to drink! Then again, this sort of game is a matter of perspective and taste.

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Watch the tension rise in the room as the wheel spins and the result downed. First, a player chooses a single can and shakes it super hard. There are two different variations of drinking roulette: How about a mix of vodka and chilli vodka for example? Other glasses may be filled with water which is again optional and represent the gun's chambers.

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The gun is represented by the plate itself and the bullet is one of the glasses which is filled with vodka or any other drink to fit any taste. That's 18 in the UK and 21 in the US!

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There's essentially two ways to approach filling the shot glasses in your roulette drinking game. Follow the set-up steps again and repeat.

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Study their face for gambling to get rich or disgust, with the dread of those awaiting rising with every positive reaction! With one of these drinking roulette sets you can be sure that there'll never be a dull moment at your next gathering. Then, place cards on the table, lining them up in a row.

Play continues to go around the table until some gets the shot glass filled with booze. Good thing each shot tastes better the more you drink! At the count of 3, everyone opens their beer at exactly the same time.

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Either opt for a mix of water and something a bit stronger but equally colourless, or if you're bent on late night extravagance, fill glasses on the roulette drinking wheel with different spirits of varying strengths and pleasantness.

New Year's Eve, house parties, stag and hen do's - they could all benefit from the addition of a Roulette Drinking Game. These games are made primarily for fun and entertainment of every player. Take a look on holymolycasinos. After someone drinks up the alcohol, that round is over.

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Another awesome alcohol game to try after Russian Roulette! About The Product A tense and thrilling twist on the original casino game. That is why it is strongly recommended to be responsible and careful while playing drinking roulette games.

Russian roulette and Spin n Shot. In some variations of the game the bullet may be the glass with a drink while other ones may be filled with some disgusting liquids. Unique gifts for all tastes, budgets and occasions. This roulette shot wheel is an awesome way to get everyone relaxed and drinking.