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These Casinos were made in China with American-made "Tribute" P pickups and a five-ply maple body and are less expensive versions of the now defunct United States Collection John Lennon Revolution Casino which was epiphone casino rattle in Japan and assembled in America. Conjure the Jangle of the British Invasion!

Made in Japan and set-up in America, and contains American made parts such as the pickups. Tasteful appointments on the Epiphone Casino Archtop include a classic trapeze style bridge tailpiece, bound pau ferro fretboard with handsome parallelogram inlays, bound body, chrome hardware, and oversized "open book" Epiphone headstock.

The four top-mounted control knobs volume and tone for each of the rhythm and lead pickups allows for even further tweaking and tonal exploration, presenting a palette rich enough for even the most demanding six-string Centurion. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Epiphone Casino. It sports a 5-layer maple-birch body, Gibson P pickups, "short" headstock, bullet trussrod cover, tortoiseshell pickguard, and pre-Gibson era Epiphone badge.

Classic Construction, Classic Tone The Epiphone Casino's combination of a laminated spruce arched top and hollow maple body offers the discerning tone junkie a veritable smorgasbord of complex tones, rich harmonics and pleasing overtones.

Body is 5-ply maple, Gibson P pickups, and epiphone casino rattle hardware. The version has a sunburst finish, white pick guard and small button Grover tuners. Throughthe Casino headstock was set at a degree angle and the top was made of five laminated layers of maple, birch, maple, birch, and maple.

Early versions of the Casino had a spruce top. Unlike the ES or other semi-hollow instruments of this shape, the Epiphone Casino is a fully hollow instrument. Harrison had his fitted with a Bigsby tremremoved the pickguard it can be seen in this state in the "Hello Goodbye" and "Penny Lane" videos, and in pictures of the final Beatles show in San Francisco, Unlike semi-hollow body guitars such as the Gibson ESwhich have a center block to promote sustain and reduce feedbackthe Casino and its cousin, the Gibson ES are true hollow-bodied guitars.

The Casino Archtop is not an instrument that screams garish pomp; instead, it gently exudes a sense of refined class and taste. It can also be seen in the Let It Be film, and most other pictures of Lennon playing guitar after that time.

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Although generally fitted with a trapeze-type tailpiece, often a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece is used in its place either as a factory direct feature or as an aftermarket upgrade. Current versions have a laminated maple top, sides, and back, and a mahogany neck.

The basis on which Gibson built their ES Series of guitars -- some of the most enduring instruments in the development of rock'n'roll -- the Epiphone Casino Archtop is truly a guitarist's guitar, rich in tradition, tone, and history.

Finishes Fit for a Prince The Epiphone Casino has enough looks to keep up with whatever number of costume changes you happen to throw into your set. He also had it sanded down in John Lennon used the Epiphone Casino as his main instrument during the remainder of his time with the Beatles. Epiphone currently builds several versions of the Casino. This makes it lighter, and louder when played without an amplifier, but much more prone to feedback than semi-hollow or solid-body electrics.

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The body is the same size as a Gibson ES Though slightly more prone to high-gain feedback, an all-hollow guitar is offers richer resonance -- true tone aficionados gladly make the tradeoff. Alternately, you can take the John Lennon approach by pulling off the pickguard and sanding off the finish down to the bare wood -- heck, if it helps you write a song half as good as one of his, it would be gambling patient placement criteria worth the effort.

Two P pickups allow you to dial in a huge range of tasty tones with one versatile axe. The combination of a pau ferro fretboard with the rest of these carefully selected tonewoods make the Epiphone Casino a wonderfully balanced instrument, both in sound and feel. The Epiphone Casino's set mahogany neck and array of dual P dog-ear pickups deliver everything from singing sustain to chimey rhythm jangle, all at the flip of a switch or the stomp of a box.

This limited version is offered in Royal Tan and Vintage Sunburst, with a trapeze tailpiece or a tremotone tremolo.

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The bound fretboard edges only add to the Epiphone Casino's comfort, especially for all of you thumb-over-the-top players out there. Get an overview of the Casino in this video from Epiphone: His stripped guitar, but still with the original nickel tunersis first seen in the " Revolution " promo film.

And at this price, it's the only Casino you can really ever trust not to break the bank. The Casino's neck profile is at once substantial and quick, capable of digging in for some open position chording or slithering around for snakey runs, double-stops, and pull-offs. Famous ever since the Fab Four started using it in the '60s, the Epiphone Casino's fully-hollow, laminated maple body brings a familiar jangle to rhythm playing, while its P pickups give it plenty of bite for leads.

The Revolution version was based on the modifications Lennon made to his Casino during the recording of the White Album, which include a "stripped" natural satin finish, gold Grover tuners, no pickguard, a deeper set-in neck, and Lennon's signature on the back of the headstock.