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In an effort to clear his debts, Mak singled out the wealthy Wah Mee as the target for a heist-and-killing like no other in Seattle. Beat cops supplemented their income by tolerating for a price illegal gambling in Chinatown. He agreed to deportation and on his release was immediately transported to Hong Kong. On January 8, U. Mak had been planning the robbery for weeks, and he enlisted Benjamin Ng, and later Tony Ng.

They told the board that they were never contacted each time Ng completed serving time for one count and began serving time on the next, effectively coming closer to possible release. Fourteen people were tied up, robbed and shot.

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If given parole, he would begin serving his 13th term, piscine casino biarritz be eligible for parole and potentially freed in A third man, Tony Ng fled to Canada but was captured and acquitted of murder in The fire-damaged area of the building was demolished April leaving most of the exterior walls still standing. He had just escaped the deadliest mass killing in Seattle history.

He was just five years out of the University of Washington law school at the time when he and classmate Robert Lasnik, now a federal judge in Seattle, caught the case. Then, they urged, picture the perpetrator suddenly walking down the street once again, near your business, your home, your children.

One victim survives and testifies during what were arguably the three highest-profile trials Seattle has ever seen. It was founded in the s and its original name was Blue Heaven. Even among friends and families, the topic is often taboo, witnesses said.

Relatives who came to the hearing expressed outrage that they were not made aware of previous parole hearings and that Tony Ng was so close to possible release because of it. Freelance journalist Todd Matthews first began researching the case 15 years ago.

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The mass murder was named the "Wah Mee Massacre. They hog-tied and robbed 14 victims before opening fire. Still, what happened there remains a brutally horrific piece of Pacific Northwest history. But it was the telling of their most personal sorrows that brought wah mee gambling club to the faces of those who testified, men and women who trudged into the Seattle courthouse with new gray hairs and old photos of loved ones lost 23 years ago.

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Ng is now serving time for the next-to-last count. Ng, who was convicted of 13 counts of first-degree robbery and one count of second-degree assault with a deadly weapon for his role in the robbery and slaying of 13 victims at the Wah Mee gambling club in the Chinatown International District, was sentenced to a minimum of five years in prison for most of the robbery counts.

Instead, Chong Chin found the smallest pleasures where he could, such as in the gambling club where his life ended so violently, his son said. Mak was represented by the associated counsel for the accused, lawyer Jim Robinson. In August Benjamin Ng was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. They were both convicted of aggravated murder in Thus, jurors considered duress as a factor in their decision.

It was chilling to be there.

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Ng appealed unsuccessfully, arguing that if jurors acquitted him of murder because of the "duress factor," they should have acquitted him of the other charges on the same basis.