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While the two casinos have grown tourism to the Southeast Asia nation and delivered billions of dollars in tax revenue to the government, Singapore is readying to better perfect its gambling industry. First reading of the Casino Control Amendment Bill. Casino based on best practices overseas. Subsidiary legislation on the Act regarding gaming equipment regulations and licensing of special employees enacted.

Second and gulfport casino tampa reading of Amendment Bill and passing of Bill. Casino Control Act No.

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Problem Gambling — Exclusion Orders: Nevada Gaming Control Board. Casino Control Act No Casino regulatory authority singapore and Sweepstake Duties Act Chapter These included a new regulatory agency — the CRA — to regulate the casinos, a new legislative measure in the form of the Casino Control Act, and setting up a national council to address problem gambling and provide access to professional medical treatment for gambling addiction.

The Business Times, p. Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents. Retrieved onJune 22 from South Australian Legislation website: It authorised the award of a maximum of two casino licenses for a period of 10 years commencing from the date when a second site for a casino was designated.

Casino Control Amendment Act No. Commencement of section 34 — 39 of Act.

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Subsidiary legislation on the Act regarding patron dispute resolution, surveillance, casino layout and casino licenses and fees enacted. She pointed to expanding competition in nearby Asian countries, specifically Japan and the Philippines, were integrated resorts continue to develop. The Statutes of the Republic of Singapore.

RetrievedJune 21 from CRA website: Besides casinos, these IRs would also have hotels, shopping malls, convention spaces and other amenities. Private Lotteries Act Chapter Date of commencement of Casino Control Act section 2 only. Japan is anticipated to initially authorize three IR properties.

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Common Gaming Houses Act Chapter Our IRs will be anxious to stay ahead of the competition. RetrievedJune 21 from Singapore Statutes Online website: First reading of the Casino Control Bill at Parliament. Formation of National Council on Problem Gambling.

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RetrievedAugust 31 from Singapore Statutes Online website: The Casino Control Act was enacted in to regulate the operations and gaming in casinos in preparation for the opening of the Integrated Resorts IRs. Japan is finally readying to tap into the billions of dollars in potential revenue, and is closely reviewing Singapore to make its conditions as attractive as possible to commercial gaming operators.

Parliament passes the Bill. But similarly to Singapore, Japan will place an entry fee on citizens and residents in an effort to curb problem gambling. As for taxes, Japan lawmakers are thought to be mulling 30 percent on gross gaming revenue.

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Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts. The Straits Times, p.

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Gambling Regulation Act