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Obviously when cashing out you reverse the process! Amazon sell some nice sets, for instance the one on the right. I've also run games where the 's get pulled when the blinds reach a certain point and a chip gets introduced.

If playing Hold 'em, Omah and 5 Flush, are Chipsenough with 3 or 4 players? Countless games have had 'unpleasantness' at the end of the evening when someone miscounts when cashing out, leaves and then there isn't enough to pay the remaining players.

Maybe 4 demonation and 2 denomination. Standard is 25, Also these cards are produced by a good friend of ours and you might find them helpful, especially if you're a beginner. If you have a party tip please tell us, email us at tips at how-to-hold-a-party dot com.

July 12th,4: On the day Not much to do, set out the table, food, beer etc. The old dealer shuffles the cards well then passes them to the player after the current dealer ready for a prompt start to the next hand. With 3 people, its enough. That is pretty interesting. If you have more than 10 people you probably want to split into two tables.

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OMG, not a joke here but can you re-post that in laymen terms? Use two packs of cards: Help, were my denominations good, dumb? It's not that much to get nice 'casino quality' chips. But this is the bare minimum, if you only want to buy a chip set for a cash game 15 August 1st,5: Download a PDF of one I cobbled together from various internet sources here.

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Before the game starts Go over the basic rules. However you probably only want to get four colours so a reasonable set of values might be something like 1, 2, 5 and I don't think I'd ever run a tourney where s and s were in play at the same time.

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Further reading A friend of mine and his sister have written this excellent book on Texas Hold'Em; great if you want to improve your play. An entire site dedicated to just poker chips? Any more, you probably need more chips. Not poker, poker chips! Poker chips are just as addictive as poker and quite a bit more expensive assuming you're a winning player.

Not so long ago a nice set was really expensive but they have really come down in price. Originally Posted by Chemist Looking at the png image just made me think why bother buying expensive chips? August 1st,5: This is what I use for my 6-handed home games: Make sure everyone knows the key rules, especially on re-buys and cashing out.

I've tried it before. Each player needs to start with a good number of chips, say between 30 and 50, and make sure you have enough left to let people re-buy; you morongo casino minimum age need the larger value chips left for re-buys as the other players online australian slots 'make change'.

I've used and Full Tilt Originally Posted by maingain With 3 people, its enough. For 3 players, give everyone 8 25 denomination8 denominationand then decide how many and you want. All I asked was for representative amounts for each of the FOUR color chips or 25 of the color, knowing there is total how many chips per person for texas holdem with four x 25 chips.

Why not just go to the bank and get a couple of rolls of dimes, quarters and nickels, Sacagawea and some presidential dollar coins. Keep the chip stash in a safe place and have one nominated person usually the host who takes the cash and gives chips in return and vice-versa.

I couldn't get a bite so I decided to show an example with real would values.

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Good rule of thumb is 4 or 5 times the the last denom. This person is the only one allowed to do it and has to make up the shortfall if things don't add up. I doubt anyone ever uses