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Marty will also have all rods pre-rigged and ready to fish along with helpful tips to help you catch more fish. Guided Fishing Trips On The Mississippi River, Pools Including Walleye, Sauger and Crappie With over 35 years of experience fishing the Mississippi River Marty Hahn provides his customers an exciting day of catching their choice of walleyes, sauger, or crappies along with sharing first hand proven fishing techniques.

I would like to see some studies about the slot program in the lower pools. Please call us ator click here and we'll be happy to answer any questions. I would have to agree with the slot also! I would only take 5 years in my eyes to really make a impact. I'd love to see 15"" and one over 28". Can you imagine the trophy fishery we could have in just a handful of years?

Also I dont think they should open up the dams in the winter. Obviously taking these eggs would only be done if the fishery biologists felt the pool couldn't sustain the impact of harvesting walleye eggs to rear for fry year to year.

The fact that he encouraged me to run his boat to get a feel for pulling raps really showed me that he was interested in us grasping the pattern and taking something away from the trip and not just putting some fish in the boat.

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You put us on fish and kept us rigged during what had to be some of the toughest water conditions to be in. Size limit on saugers is a must have also.

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He was a true professional on the water. I know these fish travel significant distance during the spring spawn, but also from the telemetry studies I have read some fish do stay pool specific. Daleit sure is nice when you see a guy catch a 5lbr and he just thrilled to death because it his biggest walleye to date. We get our share of eaters also. Imagine having toad 4 saugers common like on the Illinois River here Down here in pool 12, some days my best five fish weigh 20 to 30lbs as a result of the slot.

A typical year includes days on the water. I'd personally like to see a four fish walleye limit of 16""and then one over 28".

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All you will need to bring is sunscreen, raingear, cooler to take home fish, fishing license, food and drinks. I hold a current OUPV license, am fully insured and have 35 years of river experience. Having fun and catching fish is what it is all about and Marty will do his best to see that happens, along with sharing information about the river, fishing techniques, understanding location of fish, along with other related items that you can use and remember long after you day on the water is complete.

Whether you're looking for a guide for family fishing with kids or you're a die hard fisherman looking for a trophy walleye Marty will work hard to make sure your expectations are met or exceeded. Alot of it depends on management of the pool from the dnr.

I'd also love to see a size limit on Saugers. Still makes fish available for a meal now and then, and increases the chance of taking a trophy of a lifetime This would really protect the females from overharvest in spring.

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What are your thoughts? I bet in very little time we would have a trophy fishery on Pools much like Green Bay. But even more importantly, he was easy to conversate with and made it seem more like fishing with one of the guys than a day with a guide. Even better when they let them go.

It seems the way the fishies are watched in the lakes in Northern Minnesota are far different than those in nearby Wisconsin. If the National Fish Hatchery had this to assist in capturing the eggs for most of stocking for Northern WI it would be a win-win for all walleye fishermen on the river and with increased fry for the northern lakes as well.

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All necessary fishing equipment including quality fishing rods and reels, latest producing tackle, and live bait will be provided. The river strain of fish are strong and adapt well to river or lake environments, thus why they use fish from here. Marty will also clean your fish for you at the end of the day. Walleye Slot Limit on the Mississippi River?