Burning black jack Burning Black Jack by Michael Godard, Limited Edition

Burning black jack, a quick guide to playing the blackjack game

A dealer acts for the house and stands behind the table to distribute the cards. In 21 Burn Blackjack, waiting for the dealer to get 17 or less is less likely to succeed and waiting for a blackjack will simply not be rewarded as it would be in a game with the standard rules and payoffs.

Play Mobile Slots for Real Money 1. The dealer handles all the cards and chips.

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He will get on his extra bet if the burn card is an Ace. The only time a player can receive a blackjack and not get paid immediately is if the dealer also has an blackjack. After the dealer gives each player two cards, he'll return to first-base and start acting on each hand individually.


Ask the dealer what the split rules are if you do not know them. Take a peek at our review to read the rules on how to play, the basics and the best possible outcomes. If you are lucky enough to get 21 on the first two cards that you were dealt, you will have a blackjack and automatically win that hand.

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The rules behind this are called basic strategy. The minimum table limit is 1 while the maximum is In return for this right, you agree to accept only one more card for your hand. Split aces get one card each. This deck "penetration" varies from casino to casino, and sometimes even from table to table.

You may pick up the card to see what you've been given, but you'll get more respect if you wait until the dealer settles all bets to expose your hand. Never remove them from the table or shield them in any manner from the dealer's view. As usual, your goal is to place your bets and get as close to the number 21 as you possibly can — achieve this and beat the dealer to win.

Do not place the additional bet on top of the original wager, because the dealer may think you are trying to cheat by increasing your bet illegally. This should be avoided because if the situation is worth doubling down, it is worth betting as much as you can, which is the amount of your original bet. If you want another card-a "hit"-you indicate by scratching the table with your hand.

You use that motion when you've decided to stop taking additional cards, as well. If you're playing the hand-held game, you should turn your cards over immediately to get paid. You must know when to split your cards, when to double, when to take a hit, and when not to.

That would "bust" your hand if the Ace was counted as 11, so you drop it to a one. Players can also double down on any of their first two cards. To compensate for the favorable rules above, if the dealer busts with 22 points then all players still standing will push instead of win. Be the first one who will review it. For example, a six of spades and a eight of hearts is You are then allowed to increase, decrease or remove the bet.

A player can play as many as three hands each time the cards are dealt. If you have a pair that you want to split and your cards are dealt face down, turn them over and place them a few inches apart. The dealer will not accept a verbal command because the hand signal must be given so that the security cameras can see exactly what you want to do with that hand.

If the dealer's hand is closer to 21, you lose. Pick them up with one hand and hold them over the table.

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That is, you are paid 1: Following are the effects on the house edge of some hypothetical rule effects. Features The burn card can only be used by the player to replace the second card he has received. If you want to "stand"-take no cards-you indicate by waving your hand, palm down. House Edge Under the Binion's rules above, and following the basic strategy, the house edge is 0.

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If you lose, of course, both bets are taken away. Casino rules vary on how many times a player can split his cards. Click on the "Basic Strategy" button at the top of this page to learn more about this.