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Table Games At Regency Casino Mont Parnes, the traditional table games give our guests the opportunity to experience indian reservation casino near me Roulette adrenaline, to try the Blackjack technique and to practice on the fine art of Poker.

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It makes a loop around the Karavola peak and comes back to the casino. Follow our links for more in-depth information on specific casinos that we recommend you visit while in Athens or Greece. On the way back, before returning to the casino there is the possibility to make an other detour to the mountain refuge katafygio of Bafi, where there is a restaurant.

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Geography[ edit ] A satellite view of Parnitha along with most of Attica, the boundary is marked in light blue Towns surrounding the mountain include AspropyrgosFyliAcharnesVarymbombiThrakomakedonesDekeleiaAvlona and Agios Stefanos as well as the settlement of Agios Merkourios.

Club Regency is operational seven days a week from Furthermore it may only be accessed by taxi or by the use of a dedicated cable car.

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The whole hike took me 5 hours. It is a Byzantine monastery dated from 13th century. Historical monuments and places of interest[ edit ] Monastery of Kleiston in Parnitha Parnitha has many places with archaeological interest.

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Search Athena Casino Welcome to athenacasino. Casino Loutraki is also a hotel complex with a wide choice of restaurants and a spa and fitness centre for the more adventurous.

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If you prefer a more athens casino mont parnes atmosphere, our Club Regency, being recently refurbished, can offer you a luxury sensation un an environment with strong Anglo-Saxon decoration. The Regency Casino Thessaloniki is not located near the capital Athens but rather as its name indicates, close to the coastal city of Thessaloniki on the north western coast of Greece.

Most Popular Casinos in Greece This site is narrowly focused and contains info on casinos in and around Athens. We focus on the most popular casinos in Athens and the surrounding area as well as a larger look at notable casinos spread around the country of Greece.

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It offers top quality accommodation and luxurious casino facilities in the heart of a natural reserve with unbeatable views. Most usual ancient buildings in Parnitha are the fortresses. The cable car itself is free of charge.

The supporting road connection was paved in the midth century.

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The view during clear days can extend to northern Boeotia and the Peloponnese. The highway GR-1 E75 surrounds the northern and eastern part of the mountain along with the Cephissus river, while the Attiki Odos motorway GR-6 runs to its south.

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Having a prominent position at the peak of mount Parnitha in the center of the Athens national forest it is the best place for an extraordinairy escape. Going mostly through forest, there is quite a bit of shade.

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It is well placed next to the international airport of Thessaloniki which is one of the major Greek cities in Macedonia and a popular tourist destination. A notable monument of later periods is the Monastery of Kleiston. It is famous for its extended fir forest, but unfortunately just the area near the casino has been the victim of a big fire in summer Before using the facilities at the casino one can go on the probably best hike in the Athens area.

To be precise it is 80kms from Athens and kms from Patras. Casino Loutraki Casino Loutraki is one of the major casinos in Greece and is situated in between the capital Athens and the city of Patras.