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Filled with local Hervey Bay crab meat, ricotta and perhaps a tad too much lemon, it was topped with a perfectly split glistening green snow pea. On this occasion, we sat not far from here.

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It's not something I'd recommend if you were having it alongside a few other dishes but if you're just here for pizza then this option seems to be as good as any. The wine, from Tuscany, makes for a perfect pairing.

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Even when the weather is less than perfect, as was the case on the night of our visit, it is lovely watching the lights of Surfers Paradise shimmer prettily in the distance.

Overall the prices are reasonable but if you are on a tight budget, the pasta dishes offer especially good value. B loving a good rack his words!

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Cucina Vivo creators say they were inspired by the cliff-top restaurants of the Amalfi Coast and I can see why. Tweet Feeling refreshed after a swim and sneaky cocktail by Jupiters Hotel and Casino pool, B and I returned to our room to freshen up for date night at Cucina Vivo. All ingredients are good quality and fresh, with the sauce thankfully not too thick and the meats really bringing that richness to the top.

There's plenty here as well so you get your value.

Eating with the AU: Cucina Vivo - Jupiter's Hotel & Casino (Gold Coast)

My waiter really reminded me of how significantly better an A-plus service makes. The outdoor terrace is especially romantic, even when it is raining.

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Cucina Vivo interior Inside you will find the heart of Cucina Vivoa two-metre long wood-fired oven presided over by an experienced pizzaiolo specialist pizza chef turning out traditional favourites as well as inspired interpretations of the classics.

Sometimes I wonder which is better?

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April 22, - 2: The presentation is fantastic with the texture of the pasta deliciously soft and thin, letting the puree mix with the crab meat for a moreish taste.

I might suggest requesting a table on the balcony or close to itthat way you can enjoy the live music, outside view and near perfect Gold Coast weather. Seated near the two-metre long wood-fired oven which looks out over the main area of the restaurant, I began to settle in with a rich glass of red and look over the menu.

This is a nice hearty meal, made even better with paired up with a nice and full-flavoured red.

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Desserts for B and I are on occasional affair; we favour a nice dessert wine or Grandfather Port. It's said that Cucina's fit out is inspired by the picture perfect cliff-top dining spots found along the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy, and that inspiration translates perfectly here, with an atmosphere peppered with liveliness.

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Mussels are hard to get just right cucina vivo jupiters casino that they slide from the shell right into your mouth but them being well cooked and consistent here helped a lot. We began with a couple of smaller plates to share, both with a seaside theme.

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The buffalo milk mozzarella was slightly lacking in flavour but the perfectly ripe heirloom tomatoes made up for it.