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Once approved I spend time on the casino floor shadowing the hosts through their everyday duties.

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They understand that every guest interaction and request is an opportunity to create retention. All together these subtle, yet essential factors create a dramatic increase in productivity, call volume, higher conversion rates, and completely reinvents the ratio of prospects that are pursued and marketed to.

Competition is fierce and the economy is tough. They will do so naturally and with ease. It instills casino hosts with the core values of player development. MEET sessions will include: For this reason, casino marketing courses appear in virtually all casino management degree programs. Hotel Management Course While casino managers have their own sets of responsibilities separate from those of hotel managers, casino managers still need to understand the basics of hotel management.

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Yielding immediate results with higher conversion rate than traditional direct mail campaigns. They will be keen on human interaction and the opportunity it affords them to better position themselves to increase business. We cover what Player Development means at its true core.

Knowledge of hotel management helps casino managers to attract hotel customers to their casino and work with the hotel manager to maximize visibility and sales for both businesses. Since casinos often appear in areas with other casinos, the knowledge of how to differentiate one casino from the rest is critical.

Not only in providing service for all guests in the casino but understanding the importance and opportunity to qualify all guests. Active, Inactive, Declining, fostering lower level players, and any Outer Market.

A trained PDS Host team will understand the importance and opportunity in qualifying all guests on your gaming floor and in your gaming database, no matter what level segment they currently fall under. Mobile is closing the gap in service making employees more efficient and keeping them informed.

Our panel will discuss how their vision for mobile is being realized.

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They should be trusted to manage comp decisions within specified guidelines dictated by executive management. View Schools What is your highest level of education? A trained PDS Host team will be made up of individuals who excel in building relationships.

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July 17, — Tuesday Time: Other daily reports will be generated and distributed that are intended to be leads. The end result is higher call volumes, increased profitability and a strong foundation for Player Development which equates to a higher percentage of production from your casino marketing representatives. Students learn about the laws that govern the restaurants and hotels that are affiliated with casinos, including labor laws and hotel liability.

In a world where the employees are primarily out on the casino floor and inside the hotel grounds. Embracing mobile and the change that technology brings to our evolving culture and customer is key to staying relevant. Players are looking to be interacted with. A trained PDS Host team will understand the importance and opportunity in accepting phone calls, walk-ups to the Rewards Center, and pit and floor calls.

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This results in NEW clientele for the property. Sales techniques, promotions, targeted marketing and merchandising are key components of a casino marketing course. Add in all the cost associated with direct mail; postage, artwork, printing, labor, returns, etc. Hospitality Law Course A course in hospitality law teaches future casino managers about the rules and regulations of the service industry.

Email and SMS remain tried and true direct marketing staples while In-App offers are becoming the norm. Our panel will share their successes adapting casino resort marketing to reach a mobile guest.

Probability Course The operation and profitability of a casino is based on odds and probability; therefore, it is necessary for casino managers to have at least an above-average understanding of math. Inactive play is higher than ever yet your rate of obtaining NEW players is low. Keeping them healthy and happy requires information and training. As soon as these valuable practices are casino marketing training into use, all fear, hesitation, uncertainty, and apprehension on behalf of the representative are immediately eliminated.